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G’day! I’m Jesse Forrest, founder of StartCopywriting.com. I’m a copywriter, speaker and blogger from Sydney, Australia.

On this page I’m going to share with you my story of how I went from almost failing English in high school to discovering copywriting, leaving a job I hated, and finally becoming a successful and in-demand copywriter.

Hopefully my story will illustrate that you too can become a better copywriter. Without a natural ‘writing’ talent, a journalism degree or even ad agency experience.

From Failing English To
A Successful Copywriting Career

It all began in my first year of primary school, when I struggled to read or write the alphabet. I was sent home to my father, who patiently taught me my A, B, C’s from our living room floor.

When I tell people I’m a copywriter one of the first questions they ask me is “what university did you go to?” And then I confess that I never went to university.

(Although, I did lecture at the University Of Southern California, but that’s another story!)

After a series of tests, I was diagnosed with having a learning disability (mild Dyslexia). School was never easy for me.

So after graduating from High School and barely passing my final exams, the last thing I wanted to do was attend University for more study.

I went straight into the workforce. I worked as a fruit shop attendant, supermarket shelf packer, restaurant dishwasher and telemarketer, before eventually landing a job in sales. One night, working in the sales office, I started to peruse the bookshelf and discovered several books on copywriting.

I absolutely loved the idea of “salesmanship in print” and literally devoured every book I could find on copywriting. From Robert Cialdini’s Influence Psychology of Persuasion to Joseph Sugarman’s Triggers – learning from the masters of advertising became my passion.

I started to apply what I learnt in my sales job, writing direct mail letters to attract people to our seminars. And when people started responding to my ads, I was over the moon! I realized I could write copy that sells.

As my copywriting skills grew, friends and colleagues began asking me to write for them.

Making The Leap Into Freelance Copywriting

And in 2004, I finally left my sales job and became a full-time copywriter. It definitely wasn’t easy. At my lowest I had only $5 to my name and had to pawn my laptop computer just to make ends meet.

It was through hard work, determination and ‘hustle’ that I was able to attract my first few paying copywriting clients. As my copywriting skills grew, so did my reputation. Within 6 months some of the biggest names in online marketing were calling me.

My clients range from famous entrepreneurs such as Jay Abraham (America`s #1 Marketing Maverick), bestselling authors Dale Beaumont (author of 16 best-selling books), Alex Mandossian (founder of Marketing Online), Dr Demartini (from ‘The Secret’ movie) plus countless small and medium sized business owners.

Nowadays, I’ve made the further transition from freelance copywriter to the founder of a digital copywriting agency called ‘Copywriting Crew’.

Seminar Presenter and Web TV Show Host!

Over the years I’ve been invited to speak at business conferences and seminars all around the world. I’ve shared my copywriting insights with audiences in Australia, Thailand, New Zealand and even the USA.

Public speaking is one of the most nerve racking and stressful experiences life has to offer (it certainly is for me!). But like anything, over time, you get used to it. Nowadays I’m fairly comfortable on stage, and even enjoy the experience of sharing and interacting with an audience.

One of my recent career highlights was co-hosting a web TV show called ‘Write For Business’ with my friend and fellow copywriter Kate Toon. You can check out some of the snippets from the show in these videos.

This website and blog were created for you

This page is about me. But this website was created for you. The reason I started this website and blog was to ‘give back’. A place where I could share tips, advice and the lessons I’ve learned working as a copywriter for the last 12 years.

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