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AIDA Copywriting Formula
What is the AIDA Copywriting Formula? AIDA is the acronym for: Attention Interest Desire Action The AIDA copywriting formula is a
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What Does a Copywriter Do?
  What does a copywriter do? A copywriter is not the same as copyright. As copywriters, we don't sit around
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Long Copy vs Short Copy
  What do you think sells better online? Long copy vs short copy? Perhaps you think: "No one reads all
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Copywriting, Depression and Travel – 2016 Year In Review
If you’ve visited my Start Copywriting blog recently, then you may have noticed that it has been over a year
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Ask the Copywriter
  Hey this is Jesse Forrest from StartCopywriting.com. Welcome to my brand new series of videos called Ask the Copywriter.
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Learn Copywriting Tips For Beginners
  Hey this is Jesse Forrest from StartCopywriting.com and welcome to my brand new series of videos called Ask the
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