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Hey this is Jesse Forrest from StartCopywriting.com and welcome to my brand new series of videos called Ask the Copywriter.

In this video, I’m going to be answering readers questions all about copywriting, becoming a copywriter and breaking into the freelance copywriting business.

So couple of weeks ago, I sent an email to my database and to my followers and asked them:

Hey! I’ve got a mission in some videos. What is your single biggest question or challenge when it comes to becoming a copywriter?

I had hundreds of people write in but I’ve chosen some of the more popular the more common questions to answer in this video.

Before I jumped on the questions, I do want to say, if you’ve been following me for a while do you prefer this style of videos? I know we’re just getting started, I haven’t answered any questions yet but do you want to see more of these kind of sit down in the Q and A style videos? Or would you prefer the old kind of videos that we’re doing?

The second question I have is, what do you think of this? Because usually in my videos I’m clean shaven. But as I said to my readers, I’ve been away for three weeks travelling Asia and I didn’t really get a chance to shave. I was visiting lots of different places and constantly on the go. But what do you think?

Do you think I would be more professional if I have a clean shaven look or do you really don’t mind this kind of look? Whatever you think, I love to hear from you and let me know in the comments below.

Right so let’s get to the first question…

Readers Questions

Troy asks: “I’m not a writer but I want to learn copywriting. With your expertise, what advice would you give?”


Marie Hatosky asks: “Is there a way to learn the mechanics of copywriting such as exercises? Could someone with no experience take your course and become a copywriter?”

Copywriting can be learned

A lot of aspiring copywriters go about it the wrong way and what they do is that they procrastinate. They read all of the books, they’re continually searching for the “best way to learn” and consequently they never actually end up writing any copy!

The way I learned to write copy was by studying advertising. I found the kind of products that I was interested in buying. I read the ads that were promoting those products and as I read them I started to analyse why I was excited about these products.

I was reading the copy and starting to notice patterns. Like these ads would often use a money back guarantee or there would be some kind of framework about how I would feel about this kind of product.

What do you need to do first of all, is have an interest in advertising especially about products or courses that you’re interested in and start to actually take an interest in studying those advertising pieces.

Read books on Copywriting

The next thing you need to do obviously is to read books on copywriting. There are some great books out there. I have another video which I might pop up here and that video was all about the top three books I recommend to read if you want to learn copywriting. So watch that video as well.

Practice Writing Copy For 10 Minutes A Day

The third and most important point is, you actually have to sit down and write copy. Even if you don’t feel great right now the only way you’re going to get good is if you actively practice writing continuously.

Now some people set these unrealistic goals like “I’m going to write every day for three hours when I get home from my long exhausting day”. Most people will never actually achieve that. Why not set a daily goal of just 10 minutes writing whether it’s the first thing in the morning or the last thing you do when you get home from work just 10 minutes writing copy every day.

What are you going to write about?

Why not find some ads that you really like? Ads that grabbed your attention and interest and transcribe them with a pen and a piece of paper. If you do that for 10 minutes a day, after several months you will have internalized some great copywriting techniques but actually take on the writer’s writing style.

That’s my advice for aspiring copywriters who want to learn copywriting get good. First thing is you want to study copywriting. You want to read those books that I recommend you want to practice writing daily even just for 10 minutes. If you do that you will absolutely increase your skills.

So, hope you’ve enjoyed this video. Also don’t forget to answer the questions that I asked in the beginning of this all about my facial hair. Would you prefer I was clean shaven or do you think this is kind of a good look for me? Post your thoughts in the comment section below and let me know what you think!

This is Jesse from StartCopywriting.com and I’ll see you in the next video.

  • Melanie Clarke

    I like both looks. The clean shaven look makes you more corporate. The beard makes you more approachable and relaxed. I do not know what look you want to achieve though.

    • Jesse Forrest

      Thanks Melanie! I’m undecided too. I seem to prefer a bit of stubble day-to-day, but always go clean shaven when speaking at a business conference or going to meetings.

  • Henry Volker

    I think a shaved face looks better. Not only on you but in general.
    Secondly, webinars would be great.
    Henry Volker, New York

  • Abubakar Younas

    Not shaved is good for me. I have strong logic about it is that when you are shave no doubt looks good professionally but according to me when it is big occasion when you have to show your showcase talent you feel proud and your confidence turns into overconfidence. Overconfidence you know is not good for anyone what i think. I personally recommend before big interview or big occasion you should shave before 2 days.

  • Emelie

    Hope you kept the beard, looks great! Also I am really loving the videos, exactly what I was looking for and I have already learned a lot.

  • Renata Santos almeida

    I prefer clean shave 🙂 Thanks for the video

  • Shradha Krishali

    Hey Jesse, you look great in beard. I found your tips really helpful. Especially the one about rewriting the ads. I think it’s great. 🙂

    • Thanks Shradha! I prefer a bit of facial stubble too. But its interesting to hear that some people do, some people don’t. I’m glad you’re enjoying my content!

  • Hi Jesse, clean shave like me is better as a professional… Except recommended by your doctor. All the way for your copywriting tips is very educative and simple to apply. Especially reading through your local newspaper and spot an errors from an ad poster and request for a rewriting… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2af32d25dbf62be61e7c3e53bec7e8966023d6eb72e9d8441aa160cc40e4378f.jpg

    • Hi Prince Eric John, I agree. Clean shaven is considered more professional, especially in business environments. The great thing about being a copywriter is that you can work from anywhere and don’t have to attend business meetings. Good to hear you’re enjoying the content!

  • Tropin

    Look great with your beard Sir!
    I found out that your video really interesting. Seem like I am starting to be a copywriter without any experience on that so far.