How to Start Your Copywriting Career


In this article, I’m going to share the 5 personality traits of all top copywriters plus the 6-step plan to quickly and easily start your copywriting career.

5 Traits All Successful Copywriters Share

  1. Has experience in sales

    It seems to be that almost all top copywriters out there have experience in selling. Copywriting is salesmanship in print, so if you have worked in sales, then you have acquired skills that are transferrable for when you are actually writing to sell to people.

  2. Has a love for writing

    Copywriters may write to make money, but most of them truly have a passion for writing. If you naturally enjoy writing, then you are right to choose a career in copywriting.

  3. Has a creative flair

    A lot of successful copywriters out there are naturally creative people – individuals who not just love writing but also the creative flair needed to write copy that can sell.

  4. Has great time management and organizational skills

    Top copywriters are good at self-management. Copywriting is still a business, and if you want your business to succeed, you need to be able to meet deadlines and effectively manage yourself and your time.

  5. Has the ability to deal with clients professionally

    If you are going to have a successful copywriting career, you must be able to write and communicate with clients in a professional manner. Meeting deadlines, sending emails, and making phone calls to clients must all be done in a business-like manner.

5 Steps To Starting Your Copywriting Career

  1. Study copywriting.

    Understand the fundamentals of copywriting. Read books, check out online resources like Start Copywriting for articles, videos, and copywriting course for you to really learn and master your craft.

  2. Build your portfolio.

    Clients will decide whether to hire you or not based on a few different criteria, and one of those is your portfolio. A solid and diverse portfolio – one that includes works that you have done for different markets – will show clients your versatility and ability to write a copy for any type of product or service.

  3. Set your rate.

    Decide in the beginning of your copywriting career whether you are going to charge per hour or per project. There are benefits to both areas, but I personally like to charge per project, but factoring in my hourly rate at the same time.

  4. Set up your business.

    Register a business name, a business bank account, set up a website, and print out business cards to be able to operate as an official business. These steps will take your copywriting from just a hobby to actually something that you charge money for.

  5. Promote your business.

    There are many ways to promote your copywriting business, such as networking and meeting local business owners. Small business owners are often advertising all the time and they can help promote your services to potential clients. Another great idea is to promote yourself online, and the best way to start is to set up your website and drive visitors to it.

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    The video was very informative. I was impressed by your video on YouTube so I decided to follow you to your web site. Thanks for sharing the information about copywriting. I am writing for a company right now and this is my first time writing for a company. I enjoy the working and the staff is great and helpful people. However I am also interested in starting copywriting for myself. At the writing job I am an author.
    I want to know is there any paper or anything I need to present to this company let them know when I become a copywriter. The entire thing you say a copywriter does I am doing them already. A lot of my assignments I have to write catchy phrases most of the time. I have always been able to write catchy phrases.
    I am a very creative person my hobbies include drawing painting . I am also an author of a several books; but I have not had them publish at this time. I would like your advice on what I should do now. I am really doing the work of a copywriter but not getting the pay of one. Thanks again for the information. Stay encourage.

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