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Hey this is Jesse Forrest from Welcome to my brand new series of videos called Ask the Copywriter. This is where I answer reader’s questions all about becoming a copywriter and starting your own freelance copywriting business.

So I just got back from three weeks in Asia and I sent my loving fans and followers both on Facebook and email database and I asked them that I’m in Asia right now. I’ve been to Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam and Cambodia. And I said “Which of these countries do you think I like the most?” Trying to see how well you guys know me.

Most people said Vietnam which I thought was interesting. Vietnam is a wonderful country. I really enjoy being there in Ho Chi Minh but also in Hoi An And if you’ve been to Vietnam, let me know what you thought about it in the comments below.

Ask the copywriter

But actually my favourite would probably be Hong Kong. I love that it’s this new kind of, it’s not a new city but you’ve got a new part of Hong Kong in mainland and you’ve got Kowloon and Mongkok which is another area. And I just love the ties between the old and the new Hong Kong and the food there is amazing.

People are really friendly and I was able to do business over there. I did some copywriting workshops to some corporate marketing managers. So Hong Kong was amazing. Vietnam was also pretty cool as well.

Reader Question

Anyway I’m here to answer some readers questions about copywriting which is from Deborah Harada:

Seems like copywriting is changing a lot these days. Can you address the changes you’ve seen and how they’ve affected your business?

Great question. Thanks Deborah!

So the change that I’ve seen is that I’m getting more requests for online copywriting. People are asking for Facebook ad copy, social media copywriting, for landing pages and websites. Whilst I’m getting a lot less for direct mail or brochures or even the white paper reports.

Ask the copywriter - Facebook Ads

I decided a few years ago that the internet is where a lot of business is being done now a days and I decided to specialize. So I called myself

That was my old copywriting website. My new one now that I have is an agency called So feel free to check those out if you want to see how I’m specializing in marketing my copywriting services.

You can check out how I setup my website. But obviously, don’t just copy what I’m doing exactly. Take inspiration to use it and to create your own copywriting website.

Copywriting and website design matters

Another thing I’ve seen Deborah, is that design is really important nowadays. For years copywriters said: “Design doesn’t matter, it’s the words that do the selling“.

In fact I even still say that on some of my web pages but I need to update those. What I mean is design is really important.

Ask the copywriter - Ugly SuitImagine you had a sales person in the offline world or someone selling door to door. Imagine they just had all the right words, they were charismatic, knew what to say and knew the product inside and out. But they were wearing a crappy old suit.

How likely are we going to trust that salesperson? Probably unlikely. It’s the same online. Copy needs to be compelling, engaging and effective. But you also need great design.

Sometimes you see long form sales pages and there’s red headlines, five different choices of font, huge paragraphs, the design is kind of crappy and nonexistent. That’s going to really affect the conversion rate and the effectiveness of the copy.

Ask the copywriter - Ugly Landing Page

Design is important. Design is almost as important as copy nowadays and so you really need to factor that in.

Nowadays with copywriting, I’m not just writing copy for myself and my team, we’re also working with the clients and you need great visuals such as:

  • You need to have a compelling product image.
  • You need to layout the page effectively
  • You need to have professional design

To answer your question, I’m getting more requests for email copywriting, copy for landing pages and Facebook ads now. You have to be up to date with online copy if you’re going to be able to attract more premium clients.

I hope you enjoyed this video. If you have a question and you want me to answer in an upcoming episode. Definitely leave it in the comment section below and let me know your thoughts about this episode.

  • Rob Kee

    Thanks Jesse. I’m just now looking into this field and am at a loss with even how to break into the market in order to learn the business and get connected with the right individuals. I’ve been writing and public speaking for years. I am in the process of publishing my first book, but seeing how long this process can be I was interested in finding our about the ins and outs of this arena to help subsidize the varied projects I will be working on. Thanks again and God bless you!
    Rob :^)

    • Jesse Forrest

      Hi Rob! Thanks for the question. The answer is always, one step at a time. Breaking into the market is not actually that hard. Once you feel confident in your copywriting abilities, you basically start contacting potential clients. Start with the people who know, like and trust you already. Past employers, associates, colleagues, friends, etc. You could even contact marketing companies, or attend conferences, and network that way. But before you do any of that, you really should start building a portfolio of work you can showcase on your own copywriting website. Let me know how you go and keep me posted on your progress!
      Cheers, Jesse Forrest

  • azzahra egypt

    Thank jesse im just looking for this now at your you tube . I want to be your student .

    Im from malaysia but now study at egypt i like to be a copywriter but i dont have any experience . And now i just starting to write at facebook to make client know me and trust me to buy my product .

  • Eazy

    Thanks Jesse for your wonderful teachings, please what are the process or step (Materials One need to start) to become a copywriter?

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  • Jessica

    Hi! So, please direct me in the right direction if I’m misunderstanding, but it sounds to me like copywriters are supposed to also be designers/graphic designers as well as produce copy. Is that a correct assumption/understanding of the industry’s needs?

    • Hi Jessica, actually copywriters are responsible for writing copy, not graphic design. What I mentioned in the above episode of “ask the copywriter” was that design is important. And as a copywriter, its helpful to offer suggestions to the client about how to layout the copy on a webpage. You don’t have to actually design the page as well.

      • Jessica

        Hey Jesse, Thanks very much for the reply. I finally decided to just ask about the level of importance in graphic design that copywriters need to either understand or contribute to, because, as a newbie copywriter, it’s been difficult for me to understand the relationship between selling the copy without the “knockout” graphics/image to go with it. Grateful for your reply – it’s helps a lot with what I should be focusing on (…which is the copy!)

  • Sabrina P

    Hi Jesse. Quick question: When you type up copy for your customers, are you using the standard Microsoft Word? Or are you using something else? Thanks for the good advise. 🙂